What are our goals?

Team 1595 is dedicated to leading the charge for growth for our community and beyond. When our founding students created Team 1595 and brought FIRST to the Inland Northwest, they created more than just a team. They created a landslide of opportunity for other students in our area by starting multiple robotics teams and strengthening them with funding. We’ve even helped introduce FIRST overseas. As Dragons, we explore uncharted territory and tackle new challenges head-on.

– STEM Engagement

Since our inception, Team 1595 has understood the impact STEM education has not only at our school, but also within the Greater Spokane Area. In 2012, we worked with school administrators to create a high school level engineering class, to increase STEM programs in Saint George’s School. Participants learned basic programing and CAD skills, which they recorded in engineering journals. In 2014, they participated on five FTC teams to practice what they learned. We have also created May Term classes, including projects such as an electric motorcycle conversion and launching a near-space weather balloon. These opportunities both expanded our school’s engineering education, as well as encouraging others to join our FRC team and seek out other STEM learning activities.

– The Next Generation

While we encourage others throughout our high school to join the FRC program, we also inspire younger students to try out STEM and FIRST activities. Our members help younger students by mentoring 2 FTC teams in our community We also host LEGO Mindstorms, Lego Robotics, and Arduino-based summer camps for elementary and middle school students. Last year we started two new FLL teams in our area, and have continued mentoring them into this season. We have begun to assist a new FLL Jr. team at our school as well, via helping the students build with Legos and demonstrating our FRC robot. By instilling robotics themes in students at a younger age, they are excited for involvement in future STEM and FIRST programs.